About The Creator


A true connoisseur of timeless taste and quality with a progressive eye toward innovation. Samantha set out to create a quality line of products that are scientifically proven to make people feel better.

"My journey with CBD started when I suffered chronic, severe pain in my upper back and shoulders due to repetitive motions from my job. Being a busy hair stylist, crisscrossing the country to reach my clients to be the best I could be required a massage in every city to get any relief. But the relief was so temporary; only lasting hours at best. Also realizing how much anxiety I was having because of unmanaged pain created another set of problems which the CBD has also helped manage! Honestly I was almost being forced to take muscle relaxers to help and I don't take medicine lightly. Then someone told me to try CBD. That was 3yrs ago when I started my healing and ultimately created ORNATE WELLNESS."

Moreover with her attention to detail created an experience for the customer. The aesthetics, the taste, the visceral reactions, every step of the product is meticulously crafted. Samantha, a self-made woman working her way up the beauty and lifestyle ladder, has always had an appreciation for the finer things in life. She set out on a mission to bring the luxury she craves in other avenues of her life to THC-free CBD and to YOU!